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About Solo Mom

Transforming Interpretations

For years now, I have been calling myself a ‘Single Mom’ and as much as Single brought with it a sense of empowerment and mother was largely a part of  what I am, I realized in some way, I was limiting myself by combining these two words.

Every time, I said the word Single aloud, in my mind’s eye, I could see One— the woman, standing solitary and proud, and yet with a sense of incompleteness.  Bells don’t toll in ones and… ones, do they? They create music through a series of chimes, clangs and tinkles.

A single wheel does not, a journey make.

A single drop does not, a torrent make.

A single wing does not, a flight make.

Re-writing Narratives

So, single or for that matter one did not do justice to the many forces that were synergizing deep within me. After the workshop with Bhavana Nissima, as I was lying in the bed, the epiphany came to me; I decided to say the word solo aloud. And as I did that, One— the woman, proud yet no longer solitary felt the strength rushing back into her limbs. Because within her, played a symphony. She was no longer One— the woman. She was many women— their conversations, silences, dialog, music, dreams, visions all rolled into one.

Solo = The endless; The infinite.

A SOLO wheel does, a journey make.

A SOLO drop does, a torrent make.

A SOLO wing does, a flight make.

So, what does a Solo Mom do?

She arches her back, spreads her wings and takes off into blue, melting skies. She also bends down, sifts through soil and unearths the treasures buried deep within. And sometimes, she just sits and let peace wash over her.

She frees herself from prejudices and biases that chain her.

She fills her being with energy, and finds herself nearing her goals of emancipation with every passing moment.

She battles with darkness and strides into light.

Every day, every moment, she fills her limbs and mind with strength and vigor.

She loves her progenies—both from heart and womb.

She protects every rupee that she has righteously earned; she clads her inner being with the power of informed decisions.

She fills her heart with humility and gratitude, and embarks upon deeply satisfying journeys.

And finally,

She believes in the magical power of beginnings.

If you have tale about solo moms, you would like to share, send me a message on Facebook or connect with me through the Contact page.

Thank you. Cheerio!

–Sridevi Datta