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Birthday Musings

Today, I complete 44 years. I love the sound of “First” in my birthday. I also love the sound of “August”.  Together, when said aloud, the date “First August” has a certain cadence to it— a rhythm. Like the pounding raindrops of this season. Or the wind that whistles and shrieks in the middle of the night. Or the total silence of this movement—my “Now”.  My present—where I sit comfortable, aligned and calm.

At the beginning of 2018, I chose “movement” or rather “moving” as my word of the year. What difference between the two, you might ask. Well, say them say aloud or use them in a sentence and see/hear/feel the images/sounds/feelings in your mind, you will understand what I mean.

But, aren’t we all moving, you might ask. Yes, we do. But sometimes, we keep moving in the same loop, within the same stuck state, so that what we see as movement is actually an illusion, a façade.

“Moving” to me began with “Healing” which began with “Forgiving”. For those of you say, “I can forgive but never forget”, I have only this to say, I was there once, until I understood how the little “but” deletes everything preceding it. So when you say the above sentence, you know where you are.

Forgiving to me was powerful and cathartic. I not only forgave the people who hurt me but I also forgave myself. Because unless you start from a place of love, you cannot truly move.

This year, I re-defined “moving”. Whereas in the past, Moving meant thinking of covering the entire distance, now it simple means, “Taking one step at time.” This means, if I set a goal of completing 25K words in 20days, I don’t see the entire dump of text but see only 200 words which I am going to complete during the next one hour. Perhaps, this won’t work for people who need to envision results before they embark upon any project, but to me it worked wonderfully because well less clutter in my mind.

This year, I did diverse writing projects. I started owning my strengths, without any pretence.

I also joined the vibrant community of Toastmasters. Interacting with the young, enthusiastic minds made me more open to possibilities. As I became curious, I learned and was finally able to step on the stage and talk with courage. And conviction.

My plans for this year:

  1. Continue to work on diverse writing projects.
  2. Continue to embrace NLP with tenacity and love.
  3. Continue to work with women
  4. Continue asking questions.

And on this note I end with a poem, I had written long time ago:


Cheers and much love,


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